Transnational Communities – Not Your Grandfather’s Diaspora

GDW-MIT7- transnacionalismo

Brazilian Diaspora members.


Participants had the opportunity to expand their networks.











This Global Diaspora Week event consisted of a very interesting lecture by Alvaro Lima, Director of Research, Boston Redevelopment Authority and Digaai Founder about transnational immigration and the digaai web-based platform that connects Brazilians around the world.

The event took place on October 16, 2014 at MIT MediaLab and addressed the forces that create the phenomenon of transnational immigration and the revolution in communication and transportation means, as well as economic and social impact of transnational relations in both countries of origin and destination. The speaker illustrated the importance of the magnitude of this new immigration model using survey elements conducted with Latino communities including the Brazilian diaspora.

Read Digaai’s post  Digaai’ Na Semana Mundial Da Diaspora Global (GLOBAL DIASPORA WEEK) or download the documents and work materials that were presented and discussed during the event.