The Evolving Role of the Haitian Diaspora: A Shifting Paradigm


As part of Global Diaspora Week 2015 the U.S Department of State joined a panel of experts for a conversation on Haiti’s economic future, the Haiti/Dominican Republic Crisis, the effect of Haiti’s crisis on the future generation, and the shifting role of the Haitian Diaspora in the United States.

We had a great piece published in the Miami Herald written by Jacqueline Charles which you can read below!

U.S. Haiti special coordinator welcomes diaspora involvement

U.S. Haiti special coordinator Kenneth Merten discusses Haiti’s upcoming elections at a forum Wednesday in Miami.  — Written by; Jacqueline Charles

Less than two weeks before Haiti stages one of its most complicated elections in recent history, the United States diplomat charged with coordinating U.S.-Haiti policy reminded Haitian-Americans on Wednesday that the upcoming elections are a Haitian-driven process.

“Like it or not, we cannot and do not run the process,” Ambassador Kenneth Merten said responding to concerns by Haitian-Americans about what the U.S. government is doing to protect the vote of Haiti’s 5.8 million registered voters scheduled to cast ballots Oct. 25 for president, 144 mayors and 129 legislators.

“There is a limit to what we can do,” Merten said during the conversation at the Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami about Haiti’s future and the role of its diaspora. “We are friends of Haiti, we are partners of Haiti but we are not Haitians and at the end of the day, the elections process is run by Haitians and is run in Haiti.”

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