The Diaspora Map


IdEA is focused on fostering capacity development for our members as well as the diaspora sector. As part of those efforts, IdEA is building an interactive platform that elevates and supports the work of Diaspora communities around the world. The Diaspora Map will collect and visualize member organizations’ presence and influence. We believe the map will increase exposure and networking opportunities for participants; and for some of our member diaspora groups, inclusion in the map will be their only online presence. Learn more here: Diaspora Map FAQ.

Sign up to be listed on the map here. The form should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Please be sure to be careful in your responses as changes are difficult to make once the form is submitted. 

We invite all IdEA member organizations, diaspora organizations, and organizations working with diasporas to apply to be listed on the map. Applications must meet the following criteria: 

  • Must be an active Diaspora organization or group working with diasporas (does not need to be a legal entity)
  • Must fill out the form here with relevant information to be included on the map
  • Must agree to have their form information published on the public map
  • For non-IdEA members, application for the map will automatically be considered an application for IdEA membership
  • Individual Diaspora members are not eligible to be listed on the map, but are encouraged to use the map to connect with organizations

We envision that in the future, the Diaspora map will be the first-ever comprehensive database of diaspora organizations, both in the US and around the globe. It will allow unprecedented understanding of diaspora groups and their activities through visualization and data analysis and will enable new connections and collaborations. The database will facilitate IdEA’s mission of being a platform for collaboration. Read more here: Diaspora Map FAQ.