The Charity Football Challenge (CFC)


The Association of Moldovans in Great Britain (AMMB) and The League of Romanian Students Abroad – the UK Branch (LSRS UK) hosted a wonderful event filled with football, food and fans! It was our first event of this academic year:

The Charity Football Challenge (CFC) was a friendly football match between Romania and Moldova. We had one target: ensure that all children in both countries have the chance to grow up in the love and affection of a family and no longer suffer from institutional care. In addition to the football match, there was a true cultural feast! We had plenty of traditional live music, BBQ, craftsmanship, Moldovan wine & food and a range of fun activities for both adults and the little ones.

bands trophy teams playingPic footballPic flagBackground

We were thrilled to have been joined by over 200 participants. That included two football teams, two bands, and members of LSRS & AMMB UK. We held the event on Sunday, October 11th at the University Of Westminster Sports Ground in London.

Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova, Rachelle Fruntasu and Ashley Onisii from the Romanian embassy had the symbolic role of coaches.

Throughout the day donations were collected for the Hope and Homes for Children organization. We are thrilled to announce that we were able to raise £3,500!

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