Taste of the Caribbean


The ‪‎Austrian‬-Caribbean Initiative decided to hold an event in support of Global Diaspora Week ‪#‎GDW2015‬, and with much thanks to the collective space of GMOTA, they organized a culinary event. The host of the event was Bevil, a Trinidadian artist and resident of Austria, who prepared an all vegetarian menu consisting of some of the flavours of Trinidad & Tobago.

A mix of international guests were in attendance, including two Trinidadians, so it was truly a Global Diaspora event. The authentic Caribbean dishes were a hit! A selection of recipes from the islands was introduced to the Austrian palate, and it goes without saying, that the dishes were also well appreciated, by those who have not had the opportunity to enjoy the tastes of home in quite some time. The crowd favourites of the event were Callaloo, Coconut Bake and Pholourie.

food ideaLogoPic food2
As the evening progressed, “S(t)yrian Get-Togethers”, an organization doing its part to assist in the current refugee situation joined the event, and contributed in providing a delicious meal to recently arriving refugees. It is quite commendable, the manner in which the Austrian public is dealing with the humanitarian crisis.

All things being said, the event was well attended and the guests were quite pleased. Interesting perspectives were entertained, and insightful conversations filled the air. The plan is to hold another event in 2016 to support of GDW.