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Honoring the Work of Diaspora Volunteers

Michael Deal, the CEO of the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA) discusses the added value of diasporas to international volunteering programs and highlights the nominees for the 2012 Diaspora Volunteer Service Awards.

Lidya Teferra, 25, is a teacher at Urael primary school, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She has divided the class up in to small groups to work together.

Nawaya Network

Lebanese-American Gives Back, Interview with Zeina Saab

Zeina Saab is the 28-year-old Lebanese-American founder of The Nawaya Network. She recently spoke with MPI’s Susanna Groves about her decision to reverse Lebanon’s “brain drain” and move back to Beirut to start a nonprofit organization that empowers underprivileged and at-risk Lebanese youth by connecting them to financial, educational, and material resources.

I’m Coming Home: International Volunteering with Birthright Armenia

Many diaspora communities fear that the connection to their shared country of heritage is weakening, particularly among the younger generation. Read how Birthright Armenia has addressed this by building a volunteer program that renews a sense of Armenian identity among diaspora youth, contributes to Armenia’s development, and strengthens Armenian diaspora organizations.

Manuk Avedikyan