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Mimi Alemayehou’s Remarks at the 2012 Global Diaspora Forum

Read remarks by the Executive Vice President of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), Mimi Alemayehou, at the 2012 Global Diaspora Forum.

Mimi Alemayehou, Photo Credit - Pat Adams, USAID


Summer Camp Explores Diaspora Identity

Before we can build solidarity with other communities, we have to know who we are as a community. Camp Ayandeh invites young Iranian Americans to reflect on their shared history and their place in the Iranian diaspora, while building solidarity across differences.

Dr. Pardis Sabeti: Breaking Ethnic and Gender Stereotypes

A Harvard professor and former Rhodes Scholar of Iranian descent, Sabeti partly attributes her professional success to her immigrant background. “You don’t understand the culture so you don’t know what the boundaries are of that culture.”