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Diaspora & NGO Partner to Help Somalia, Interview with Daniel Wordsworth

Could a country’s global diaspora not be a lost resource? Instead, could it be the greatest asset available for building a humanitarian response? The ARC puts these questions to the test with the Somali diaspora, and the results may surprise you.

International diaspora Engagement Alliance (IdEA) - I am a Star


Macedonian-American Advocates for Homeland, Interview with Metodija Koloski

Meto Koloski is the 28-year-old old co-founder of a national organization, the United Macedonian Diaspora. He recently spoke with MPI’s Susanna Groves on why it is important for diaspora communities to take an active role in advocating for their country of heritage’s public policy priorities.

Lebanese-American Gives Back, Interview with Zeina Saab

Zeina Saab is the 28-year-old Lebanese-American founder of The Nawaya Network. She recently spoke with MPI’s Susanna Groves about her decision to reverse Lebanon’s “brain drain” and move back to Beirut to start a nonprofit organization that empowers underprivileged and at-risk Lebanese youth by connecting them to financial, educational, and material resources.

Nawaya Network