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Tunisian Diaspora Gives Back, Boosts Economic Growth

Mohamed Malouche writes about the young Tunisian-American professionals who are leveraging their transnational experiences and social networks to support Tunisia’s democratic transition.

Tunisian American Young Professionals CNN

Volunteer 2

Building Another Pyramid for Egypt, Organizing the Coptic Diaspora

Through child sponsorship and a network of hundreds of village-based volunteers supported by local churches and organizations, Coptic Orphans helps fatherless children stay in school and reach their full potential.

Lebanese-American Gives Back, Interview with Zeina Saab

Zeina Saab is the 28-year-old Lebanese-American founder of The Nawaya Network. She recently spoke with MPI’s Susanna Groves about her decision to reverse Lebanon’s “brain drain” and move back to Beirut to start a nonprofit organization that empowers underprivileged and at-risk Lebanese youth by connecting them to financial, educational, and material resources.

Nawaya Network