Portraying Americans of Lebanese Origin

us_embassyseal-300The U.S. Embassy in Beirut took time during GDW 2015 from October 11-17 to highlight Americans of Lebanese origin who contributed to American society and were perceived as icons in their professional fields. We posted one or two profiles each day on Facebook and by our calculations, these profiles were seen by anywhere from 6,000-20,000 Facebook users!

All the people who were featured on our Facebook page were VIPs! Many continue to shine in their careers and are very much a source of pride for Lebanon.

Here are a few of the profiles we posted on the U.S. Embassy Facebook Page throughout the week:

October 12 : Darrell Edward Issa

October 13 : Helen Thomas

October 14 : Dr. Rana Hajjeh

October 15 : Ralph Nader

To find the rest of the Americans of Lebanese origin that were highlighted during GDW2015 click here.