New Book Highlights “The Most Influential Contemporary African Diaspora Leaders”

By Dr. Roland Holou, Founder and CEO of Diaspora EngagerAfrican Leaders Book Cover

Many books have been written about people of African descent, but so far no single volume has highlighted the lives, visions, achievements, policies, and strategies of exceptional contemporary African diaspora leaders across the globe. To fill this gap, an international selection committee composed of some of the top African diaspora leaders in the Caribbean, Europe, North America, South America, and West Africa was created to nominate and vet recipients of “The Most Influential Contemporary African Diaspora Leaders Honor.” The first edition of this book highlights a total of 130 of these leaders, covering the top 30 in detail.

The stories of these leaders showcase the diversity, complexity, and richness of the ongoing global African diaspora engagement efforts, including initiatives originating within Africa (for example, the African Union African Diaspora Sixth Region Initiative); in regions outside of Africa (for example, the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe; the Initiatives of the African Diaspora in Australia, Asia Pacific, and the Americas; the International Decade for People of African Descent; the Taubira Law); and as part of global movements (for example, The Global Movement for Reparatory Justice; the World Diaspora Fund For Development; the Institute of the Black World 21st Century; and the UN Durban Declaration and Programme of Action). These stories of struggle, failure, growth and success will motivate current and future generations of people of African descent to take initiative, provide guidance to those interested in Africa’s development, and promote interest in the growing field of Diaspora engagement.

The featured leaders are known for their long-lasting achievements. Their bold actions contributed to important historical movements that significantly shaped and transformed the lives and histories of people of African descent and removed major roadblocks preventing the prosperity of Africa and its diaspora. They have brought about rare progress in problem areas, such as access to jobs, education, housing and healthcare; civil rights violations; multiple forms of institutional racism and discrimination; and vulnerability to violence. Such enormous progress would have been impossible without their leadership.

If you are interested in learning the secrets and strategies of these modern leaders, then this is the book for you. Since influence can at times have negative effects, this book also addresses the destructive actions of certain leaders that are pulling down both Africa and its people. To learn more about this book or to purchase a copy, please visit

About the Author

Dr. Roland Holou is a scientist, businessman, and international consultant in Agriculture/Agribusiness, Biotechnology, Diaspora Engagement, and African Development. He is the Founder and CEO of DiasporaEngager and the architect of an International Map of Diaspora and Diaspora Stakeholders. You can reach him at