Mobilizing Canada’s Diversity for Development

What is Canada’s diversity and what assets does it represent as a unique contribution to Canada’s role in International Development? Diaspora engagement is emerging as a predominant theme in international development discourse.

On October 15 as part of Global Diaspora Week 2014 in Ottawa, Canada, Cuso International convened a roundtable of Canadian experts in Ottawa City Hall to share ideas and showcase the diverse ways in which local agencies engage diaspora communities for development both domestically and internationally. The event entitled Mobilizing Canada’s Diversity for Development was a café-style presentation format with Canadian subject matter experts drawn from various areas including development programming, research, community engagement, and policy. The keynote address was delivered by His Excellency Harry Nawbatt, High Commissioner of Guyana to Canada. Other speakers included representatives from Cuso International; Mosaic Institute; Canadian Association of Rwandan Youth (CARY); Association for Higher Education and Development (AHEAD); Young Diplomats; Louise da la Gorgendiere, PhD – Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University.

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