Mapping Kenyan Communities In The Diaspora

During Global Diaspora Week 2015, we held an online event to discuss the benefits of having Kenyan communities in the diaspora:

  • To create a united diaspora classified platform channel for Kenyan Communities living abroad across the globe
  • Promote ‘Kenya’ to Kenyan communities in the diaspora
  • To promote a niche social networking for ‘Kenyan Communities In The Diaspora’ and create a map of Kenya without boundaries
  • Promoting internationalism, open mindedness, promote an open world of opportunities across borders, in countries of origin and heritage. (We as Kenyan Communities In The Diaspora Engagement Alliance will not indulge in selling to its members commercial spam ads or mails or to drive out points of interests to diaspora communities to persuade or solicit to sell any kind of commercial or political message to our members);
  • As well as encourage Returnees / Ex Diaspora Members to their countries on origin


The Portal: 

This is a basic, simple private classifieds for “Kenyan Communities In The Diaspora”.

We are a Team of consultancy professionals who value integrity and ethics, who are non-partisan and non-political to political or economical matters or try to solicit or spy for any interests abroad, we do not share or affiliate ourselves to any one sided ideologies or discriminating acts.

Before this platform came into it’s current being; our main objective has always and will continue being; to build networks of two or more than two people to share ideas. In this particular case, we decided we would like to create teams or groups of people sharing a common country of origin and of heritage who also lived outside the country and be able to multiply that effect across the global scene on a social network platform to help people manage healthy social lifestyles with their counterpart country men and women living abroad.

We knew from the word go, that our concept wasn’t a new idea. Our key target niche to the idea was to come up with a classified mapping system content list of Kenyan Communities In The Diaspora.

Based on the current scope of Kenyans living in the diaspora, we felt the thrill to build teams of several already existing Kenyan Communities in the Diaspora by giving them an exchange experience classified platform for sharing information and communication with their members and most importantly to reach out to new members residing in their vicinity or nearby communities, towns or cities. with future possibilities for exchange programs and conventional diaspora consortium and conferences.

Participants i.e. Diaspora Community Leaders will aim to provide their Communities/Groups/Teams with an easy task to reach out to consolidate members around their communities.

Online here at: Kenya Communities In The DiasporaTo register a Diaspora Community go to the website and click on REGISTER COMMUNITY.

We invite leadership on Kenyan communities in the diaspora to enhance order in managing the group members of the various diaspora communities. Diaspora Community Leader has to register first before it’s members in order for them to pave way for other Kenyans in the Diaspora in your area to be able to register.

To register as a Diaspora Member, click ‘MEMBER APPLICATION’ and add user details and select a registered community group that is already created by the diaspora leader.

The listing of all ‘Kenyan Communities In The Diaspora’ across the globe will be available to registered members on the portal.

To learn more about Kenyans in the Diaspora visit our webpage.