Los Angeles Diaspora Forum

On October 15 2014 during Global Diaspora Week, the North American Integration and Development Center of the UCLA Faculty Center in Los Angeles, California, brought together leaders from wide and diverse sectors to discuss in a full day conference, concrete actions that diasporas, immigrant sending and receiving countries, the private sector and development agencies can take to promote development in the city of Los Angeles and across borders, taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by migration and remittance flows as well as technological innovations.

The theme of the event was Los Angeles as a Global City. The conference emphasized the importance of recognizing Los Angeles as a potential venue for economic growth and improvement in the city, the country, and abroad. In addition, the event engaged governmental officials with their respective diaspora communities that provided a model for how governments and diaspora communities can work together on addressing issues of economic development and immigrant incorporation. For more information, please visit http://www.naid.ucla.edu.