Literary Marathon-the Motherland


Diaspora Young Ambassador Ms. Teona Varshalomidze in coordination with The Office of The State Minister of Georgia for Diaspora Issues organized an event at the University of Duzje. On Friday, October 16th we hosted 41 people with special guests including the Dean and Assistant Professor of Duzje University’s Science and Literature faculty Dr. Metin Kilichi, Head of Caucasian languages and Assistant Professor Dr. Pehmi Altini.

The initial plan was for a music and dance event, however, we received more interest in a literary event. We called it, “Literary Marathon-the Motherland.” During our event we had first, second and third-year students of Georgian language and their literature faculty read excerpts from N. Lortkipanidze “Heart” and N. Dumbadze’s “Homeland.” Additionally, we read from a variety of poems from all ethnic origins. The presentations were incredible and reminded everyone of our beloved Georgia.

vipgroupShot audience







Circassian language and literature professor Mira Khachemizova’s emotion-filled reading of a poem in her native language was particularly powerful. Diaspora Young Ambassador Ms. Teona Varshalomidze, made a presentation about the, “Young Ambassadors Project”, “Global Diaspora Week” and events held within its framework.

At the end of the event, Young Ambassador of Georgia to Turkey donated to the library of Georgian language and literature faculty 11 volumes of “The Illustrated History of Georgia“ by “Palitra” publishing house. The day was ended on the motives of “Tbilisoba” presented by Georgian gifts: By tasting Georgian Churchkhela, sweets and lemonade.

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