Latin American Diaspora Collective (LADIC)


The Latin American Diaspora Collective (LADIC) was formed at the Latin American Impact Investing Forum in 2014.  After a roundtable discussion on diaspora engagement, the participants channeled their desire to continue the conversation and created LADIC in order to continue sharing experiences, ideas and opportunities for partnership.

LADIC will build on IdEA’s diaspora engagement platform in four important ways to continue to engage diasporas across Latin America:

1.    Dialogue: Ensuring that dialogue continues in order to exchange experiences and best practices.

2.    Engagement: Exploring and developing different channels for diaspora engagement including investing, memberships, mentorship, volunteering, and cultural heritage tourism, amongst others.

3.    Network: Sharing information about members activities, news, case studies, workshops, engagement tools, best practices, events, and more.

4.    Agenda: Representing Latin American Diasporas and developing an agenda to promote at events such as Global Diaspora Week 2014, the FLII, and other relevant forums.


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