Introduction to DiasporaEngager

Many people are leaving theirROLAND home country every day to go to other countries seeking better opportunities, however, diaspora members often find it challenging to fully integrate into their new environment and at the same time, people in the home country don’t fully understand the reality of life abroad. Across the globe, Diasporas constitute numerous business opportunities for all countries, and a significant potential to develop nations; but unfortunately, not many comprehensive global platforms have strategically tapped into that potential.

DiasporaEngager, the international diaspora engagement network platform, was created to address the disconnect between host countries and home countries and is attempting to build a global platform where the Diasporas, their home countries, and host countries can find mutually beneficial ways to work together and help their people to prosper.

On October 13th 2014 as part of Global Diaspora Week, Dr Roland Holou, CEO and Founder of DiasporaEngager, hosted an online conference to provide information on what DiasporaEngager ( is doing to connect the global diasporas to each other and to opportunities in their home countries as well as in their countries of residence.

For questions about the conference or the global diaspora engagement network platform (DiasporaEngager), please email Join DiasporaEngager by Registering for a free account for yourself and/or for your organization.