Historical Diaspora Conference

As part of Global Diaspora Week 2014, the Historical Diaspora Conference was held at the National Library in Tbilisi, Georgia from October 15-16th. This special conference was dedicated to the historical Georgian diaspora from France and was organized by the Office of the State Minister of Georgia for Diaspora Issues and the Institut Noé Jordania (Association pour la Connaisance de la Sociale Démocratie Géorgienne).

Georgian and foreign experts and historians, as well as heirs of the First Georgian Republic Government participated in the conference. Several more events were planned, which included the memorial to be staged in the city of Tchiatura, dedicated to the 1924 year uprising, which marked the great migration to France, Le Ville Estate. Through the participation of Tbilisi City Hall, laying of the the groundwork to the memorial also took place in Tbilisi Youth Palace Garden. The conference brought together foreign researchers, historians, kartvelologists, and the legislative and executive authorities. The Office of the State Minister of Georgia for Diaspora Issues provides more detail about the event in its article.

At the opening ceremony, the Institut Noé Jordania president, Charles Lurevichma, delivered a speech to the audience. He emphasized the fact that this is the first scientific conference which sought to analyze and discuss the history of that period, in order to pay homage to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the ideals on which Georgia was based.

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On the right, Ambassador of the Republic of France, Catherine Siradze-Delaunay in a meeting with Minister of Georgia for Diaspora Issues, Mr. Gela Dumbadze.

The Minister of Diaspora Issues, Gela Dumbadze, was also present and discussed the state of the national movement, which has played a significant role in the reconstruction of the country’s independence and sovereignty. The Minister stressed the importance of the conference, which attempted to fill the vacuum surrounding the 1924 uprising, so that the future generations will understand the scale and phenomenon of the national liberation.

Ambassador of the Republic of France, Catherine Siradze-Delaunay, noted in her speech that the conference was aimed at increasing awareness of the liberation. The Ambassador of France to Georgia, Reno Salem, was also in attendance and stressed the importance of the first government of the Republic of France and the recognition what that moment has for history and for the bridges through which French and Georgian peoples communicate with each other.

Historian George Jorjoliani, Member of Parliament, hoped that the conference could become an important benchmark in attitude and understanding of the past. A granddaughter of the revolution Christine Noe Jordania Paghava-Boulez, remembered the attitude of the main leaders and commemorated the date of the uprising in France, the national government and the immigrants. The conference continued with the participation of professors from the Tbilisi State University, the University of Georgia, the Institute of History and the National Center for Scholars. For more information, please visit www.diaspora.gov.ge.