IdEA Partners with GlobalGiving to Support Diaspora Philanthropy

IdEA is partnering with GlobalGiving to link diaspora communities to an innovative online platform for giving back to their countries of origin or heritage. GlobalGiving works with over 1,100 organizations in 120 countries.

The IdEA landing page on GlobalGiving’s site can be found at This page features diaspora-led projects that have already joined GlobalGiving to date.

At the 2012 Global Diaspora Forum, IdEA and GlobalGiving are inviting diaspora organizations to the Global Open Challenge. The Challenge is an opportunity for organizations to develop online fundraising strategies, and to expand their networks. During the Global Open Challenge, organizations can earn a long-term position on the GlobalGiving site by raising funds for their own projects. Once these projects appear on the website, along with other benefits, they will be highlighted on the IdEA landing page as well.

IdEA is distributing GlobalGiving gift cards valued at $10.00 to people who attend the 2012 Global Diaspora Forum. We hope these gift cards will encourage each participant to support the diaspora-led project of his/her choice. Recipients can add value to the card, or just make a contribution of its face value. These contributions can help organizations to meet the terms of the next Open Challenge, which will run from September 1-September 30, 2012.

To see your own project featured on GlobalGiving, please follow these instructions. Nominations for the next Open Challenge are due August 1, 2012, so act now! For more information please contact Manmeet Mehta at

2012 Global Diaspora Forum attendees can redeem their GlobalGiving gift cards by clicking here and entering their gift card code. Once on this site, you can then search for projects that you would like to support, make a donation, and elect to receive updates from the field.

To learn more about diaspora philanthropy, please visit our website’s philanthropy section.