Diaspora Resources on the Global Innovation Exchange

Diaspora Microsite

Dear IdEA Members:

We would like to highlight two exciting new resources that organizations and individuals in the IdEA network can use to engage with one another and connect with like-minded professionals worldwide.

The Global Innovation Exchange is an online marketplace for development innovations, funding, insights, resources, and conversations to address humanity’s greatest challenges. The Exchange connects innovators with the contacts and information they need to grow their projects and improve lives around the world. The Platform was co-created with organizations from across government, business, academia and civil society sectors; to date, it features 725 organizations, more than 4,300 innovations and $186 million in funding opportunities.

The Diaspora Microsite is a curated portal that connects users interested in all things diaspora to the Global Innovation Exchange. Microsite users can submit content to the Exchange and explore specific diaspora events, organizations, and resources, while also learning about the importance of diasporas in development.

We encourage IdEA members to visit the Global Innovation Exchange via the Diaspora Microsite, explore its features and upload their own content!

For more information, please contact Adam Blech at ablech@dexisonline.com.