Global Diaspora Week 2014

See how Global Diaspora Week was celebrated around the world!

gdw photoshop fileFINAL-no dateThe first annual Global Diaspora Week, hosted October 12th – 18th 2014, featured more than 70 events around the world dedicated to diaspora communities and their contributions to global development. We are thrilled to share with you a recap of the inspiring events that made the inaugural Global Diaspora Week such a success. Click on an event title below to read summaries, see photos, and watch videos from the events.

We hope you’ll join us for Global Diaspora Week 2015 as a host, a participant, or both! Stay tuned for more details regarding the 2015 Global Diaspora Week in the coming months.

14 Oct - Silk Road Communities in the United States - IMG 6  Photos provided by Groupe ECHO Haiti on its Facebook Website.  101814_svaff-94  img3  GDF-33  mm2  

October 12
Afghan Arts and Culture Festival
The Wishie Campaign (Oct 12-18)
Diaspora Leader Exchange
International Diaspora Picnic

October 13
Diaspora Economic Forum
Chinese Diaspora Beyond Borders
Introduction to DiasporaEngager
Caribbean Diaspora for Development Online Forum (Oct 13-18)
The Mexican Diaspora in San Diego
Dialogues with Dreamers in Mexico

October 14
Diaspora Development Impact in Nigeria
Diaspora Mini-Marathon
Global Diaspora Media Forum
How the Global Diaspora Social Media is Helping Governments and Organizations to Sustainably Engage with Diasporas
The Diaspora Tour at Seattle Colleges
Silk Road Communities in the US
Diaspora Engagement with American Friendship Club
Digaai Edit-a-thon
The Role of the Diaspora in Health and Education Emergencies: Spotlight on Lesotho and Nigeria

October 15
Diaspora Painting Exhibition
Los Angeles Diaspora Forum
Mobilizing Canada’s Diversity for Development
Development Effects of Remittances
Historical Diaspora Conference
New Remittance Rights for Immigrants
Returned Diasporas: Reinsertion of Returned Migrants and Dreamers to the Mexican Public Education System
DiasporaEngager’s Model for Engaging the African Diaspora in the Development of Africa: Challenges and Perspectives
Investing in Africa: Why and How?
Africans and African Diaspora- Implementation of the UN CRPD to Break Barriers Toward Disability-Inclusive Development
Beyond Ebola: Building Healthcare Infrastructure in West Africa
Best Practices for Diaspora Civic Engagement
Financing Your Global Initiatives Featuring Alison Germak from OPIC
Haitian Diaspora Investment and Engagement Research Program Webinar
Valuable Facets: Diaspora in American Society

October 16
Diaspora Photography Exhibition
Diaspora Volunteer Online Panel and Discussion
Diasporas in Development: Reflections of International Service
Diaspora Forum on Global Collaboration Among Haiti’s Millenials
DiasporaEngager: The Platform for International Diaspora Engagement in Science, Technology, Research, and Development
Diasporas for Development: How Diaspora Communities are Catalyzing Growth and Creating Social Benefit Globally
Diaspora Leadership Training
Digaai Sua Historia (Tell your Story – Audio Workshop)
Professional Exchanges, Forwarding Civil Society and International Development
Transnational Communities – Not Your Grandfather’s Diaspora
I am Georgian

October 17
Pan-African/World Health Summit Global Forum
Decouvrir Comment Diaspora Engager Peut Vous Aider
Amcham Georgia Diaspora Business Luncheon
A Foot in Each World: South Asian Diaspora Communities in the U.S. and their Interactions with their Homeland
Diversifying Your Cultural Diplomacy Portfolio
Triangular Partnership
YouTube Diaspora Competition
5th Annual Silicon Valley Africa Film Festival (Oct 17-19)
Diaspora Committee Reception in Parliament of Georgia
Diaspora Economic Development Forum (Oct 17-18)
LGBTQ Activism in Africa: Developments, Challenges, and the Role of Africans in the Diaspora
United Macedonian Diaspora’s 10th Anniversary Pre-Gala Reception

October 18
Giving Back to America
Road Map Ghana
Team Jamaica Bickle 5K Run/Walk For Health
Revamping Tourism in Kenya
Global Diaspora Picnic
Africa TechWomen – Emerging Leaders
Digaai Sua Historia (Tell Your Story)
United Macedonian Diaspora’s 10th Anniversary Gala

101814_svaff-72  12 Oct - Afghan Arts and Culture Festival - IMAGE 10  David A. Duckenfield, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Public Affairs, U.S. Department of State


What is Global Diaspora Week?
Global Diaspora Week (“GDW”) is a week dedicated to diaspora communities and their contributions to global development.  It creates awareness, enables collaboration and enhances learning amongst those working with diaspora communities in different locations around the world. GDW 2014 boasted over 70 events.

Why a global series of events as opposed to a single forum?
GDW is a new structure that was created in response to feedback from past Global Diaspora Forum participants, who requested events that are tailored to address specific subjects, diaspora communities and their needs, regardless of location. GDW enables a more inclusive and more focused series of events– events that will be self-driven and self-organized by diaspora communities and other interested groups. By asking diaspora communities and organizations to take the reins, GDW shines a brighter spotlight on the organizations and initiatives themselves, the work they do and the issues that they feel are important.

By hosting a Global Diaspora Week event, diaspora communities and any interested parties will have the opportunity to create a distinct and impactful event in a location and on a subject of their choosing. Organizations and events will benefit from being associated with the larger series of events that is GDW.

Questions?  Please contact: with the subject “GLOBAL DIASPORA WEEK”.