Financial Health of the Kenyan Diaspora – Addressing Barriers and Opportunities

Association of Kenyan Diaspora Organizations, Inc (AKDOi) hosted an online discussion event where we evaluated the financial health of Kenyan Diaspora. Barriers to financial health were analyzed and opportunities discussed. Members in different parts of the world will be encouraged to hold events in their various regions.

Key takeaways were that the Kenyan diaspora need to continue to seek information on financial health and wellness. The two experts who presented are available for consultation.

Their contact information is below:

Ndeto Mwose – Attorney at Law
Phone: 317-222-1567

David Ochwangi – Certified Public Accountant
Phone: 678-523-3310

AKDOi hopes to conduct such seminars throught the year. The Kenyan diaspora can request a presentation to be given to their respective groups by contacting either Ndeto Mwose or David Ochwangi. They will be more than happy to offer their time and educate the diaspora.

You can find AKDOi’s page on Facebook by clicking here.