Entrepreneurship And Youth – A Combined Impact For The Jordanian Diaspora


Connect.JO used its participation in Global Diaspora Week 2015 to highlight the combined impact of entrepreneurship and youth on the betterment of Jordan and its people. We invited a group of Jordanian undergraduate and graduate students in the U.S. to engage in a productive and collaborative discussion on their role. We were honored to welcome Her Excellency Ambassador Dr. Alia Hatoug Bouran to be a part of our event.

We discussed in depth why some people are “shy” about touting their Jordanian heritage and what it means to be a cultural ambassador. We had an interesting conversation about the generational differences of Jordanian diaspora. Further discussion covered the importance of not only networking but spending time mentoring as well.


Over the course of the afternoon we discussed various topics ranging from:

1) As members of the Jordanian professional diaspora, what do you believe your role is for the betterment of the people and economy of Jordan?

2) How can the Jordanian professional diaspora help open doors for Jordanian students and startup entrepreneurs in the US?

3) What are some good vehicles to slice out a portion of remittances to invest into Jordan’s competitiveness?

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