Diversifying Your Cultural Diplomacy Portfolio 

As richly diverse as culture itself, cultural diplomacy affords diasporas many tools for engaging other communities. Music, art, theater, literature, and dance are some of the better known forms of cultural diplomacy. But sports, games, food, fashion, and many other cherished cultural expressions are just as effective at getting others to understand different ways of thinking and living.

The Karabakh Foundation is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit foundation based in Washington, D.C., that seeks to increase awareness and understanding in the United States of the cultural heritage and traditions of the country of Azerbaijan. On October 17th during Global Diaspora Week 2014, Karabakh Foundation hosted Diversifying Your Cultural Portfolio that took participants into the worlds of cultural diplomacy practitioners from various walks of life. The program identified specific ways for the diasporas, U.S. communities, and home countries to engage, based on the successes of how Karabakh Foundation works with the Azerbaijani diaspora.

This event shared ideas about how culture can be used to promote diaspora goals. There were excellent speakers, and participants were encouraged to share in the discussion as well. The roundtable discussed the vast range of cultural tools, from sports to theater, available to those diaspora community members who share their cultures. For more information, please contact info@KarabakhFoundation.org.