Diasporas for Development: How Diaspora Communities are Catalyzing Growth and Creating Social Benefit Globally

Increasingly, diaspora communities in North America are engaging in activities to support humanitarian assistance and economic development in their countries of origin, through individual and organizational volunteerism. Drawing on experiences of the Diaspora for Development project, a public-private alliance with Cuso International, Accenture and USAID; the panel discussions and conversation in this forum highlighted the rewards and challenges of engaging diaspora in the international development agenda.

The conference discussed opportunities for international development organizations to engage diaspora communities, the role of diaspora organizations in North America and their capacity to support international development, and the role of international volunteerism from diaspora communities. Speakers were drawn from international development organizations, the private sector, academia and global diaspora communities. For more information please visit www.cusointernational.org.


Experts were gathered from different sectors and shared interesting approaches about how diaspora communities are doing positive impact all over the world.