DiasporaEngager’s Model for Engaging the African Diaspora in the Development of Africa

ROLAND According to DiasporaEngager founder Roland Holou, Africa is one of the continents most affected by brain drain, the migration of educated people. Efforts to stop or properly manage brain drain have been mostly unsuccessful. Similarly, the engagement of the African Diasporas in the development of Africa is not bearing true fruits.

On October 15, 2014 during Global Diaspora Week, DiasporaEngager hosted an online discussion on these issues and explored some of the challenges related to the African Diaspora and explained how DiasporaEngager is helping the African countries to find and involve their diasporas in the development of Africa.

This cyber meeting was presented by Dr. Holou, a US citizen and a native born African scientist and writer. He aimed to give a deep analysis of the problems of the African Diaspora and an insider’s review of deeply held beliefs and practices that are blocking African Diaspora engagement, sharing also what he considers best practices to really engage the African Diasporas and their friends in the development of their nations. The presentation was followed by a question and answer period. For questions about the session or DiasporaEngager, visit diasporaengager.com/GlobalDiasporaWeek.