Diaspora Investments: Returns on Remittances

ghanaThinkOn October 17, 2015 as a part of Global Diaspora Week, GhanaThink Diaspora continued its online panel discussion series. The theme of this discussion was Diaspora Investments: Returns on Remittances.

Together we examined the financial contributions of the diaspora to Africa through remittances and investments. The panelists were Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka, Managing Director of Me Firi Ghana, Leticia Browne, Founder of the Ghana Angel Investors Network, Christabel Dadzie of the World Bank and Founder of Ahaspora Young Professionals, and Yorm Ackuaku of Citi Bank. The event was moderated by Jemila Abdulai, Creative Director of Circumspecte, and Lolan Sagoe-Moses, J.D. Candidate at the University of Leeds.

The discussion covered an array of topics including the differences in remittance sending between first and second generation Ghanaian immigrants, challenges in creating investments, and how to leverage remittances to create social change. There was also an active discussion on Twitter during the event under the hashtag #diasporacamp.

You can watch (or re-watch) our online hangout by clicking below! We already have almost 700 views after publishing the discussion.