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Dispora EngagerThe Global Diaspora Week 2014 online event, Discover How DiasporaEngager, a Premier Global Platform for Connecting and Engaging Diasporas Can Help You, discussed the opportunities and potential of the DiasporaEngager platform and its ability to help involve diasporas in discussions on the development of nations.

DiasporaEngagera US-based organization, is a global platform designed to connect diasporas to intellectuals, governments, and public and private organizations located in the country of residence and in the country of origin of the diaspora, such as businesses, government agencies, and civil society organizations. This online conference presented this platform and explained how diasporas can benefit from it. For any questions or suggestions referring to the conference or platform, please contact contact@DiasporaEngager.com

This Webinar was held in French on October 17, 2014.