Chinese Diaspora Beyond Borders






According to the United Cultures Innovation Center for International Cooperation, LLC (UCICIC), Chinese diasporas’ diverse cultural backgrounds grant them innate advantages of pursuing cross-border business. To many of them, entrepreneurship is another form of identity discovery and origin retrospection. In order for Chinese diasporas to promote Sino-US entrepreneurial interaction, the organizing committee contributed by providing a platform for them to meet comrades, spark ideas, and establish co-operations.

UCICIC (UGGC) and the Harvard US China Economic Interaction Council (HUCEIC) hosted a forum at Harvard University, aimed at breaking the borders of China and the U.S., cross the generation gap between the 50s and the 20s, and blend the crystals and wisdom of various fields and industries to encourage entrepreneurs to communicate and therefore increase mutual understanding via experimental modules such as dialogues, idea pitches, project roadshows and guided network sections.


The “ABCD” was:

Advocate innovation of different fields,
Bridge resources and projects across the border,
Connect sparks and wisdom of two generations,
Discover Sino-US business opportunities.

The event offered:

–  A brainstorm gala that envisioned a better future of Sino-US business that promotes business interactions between local Chinese and diaspora Chinese through dialogues, idea pitches, project roadshows and guided network sections. Speakers mainly involved college professors, entrepreneurs, and second-generation entrepreneurs.

– A resource platform that brought support to progress projects and helped delegates actually proceed from “detecting opportunities” to “designing solutions” and to “being entrepreneurs”. Entrepreneurs had the opportunity to find partners and resources they were looking for, and now the participant delegates have more tools to become and make the difference they wish to see.

– A group of talented individuals that focused on execution; the event winnowed not just speakers but also delegates. The organizers invited only those who have good social status, well-planned projects and proper understanding of their objective because they wanted the event to be not just another “sit-back-and-relax forum”; but high participation and contribution from the delegates were required and achieved.

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The active participation and full engagement were key to this event’s success.

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