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Mobilizing Next-Gen Diaspora Engagement and Leadership

By Andrew O’Brien, Special Representative for Global Partnerships at the U.S. Department of State. Originally posted at  I’ve been leading a “Diaspora Tour” across the United States, where I have had the honor of visiting and speaking at a number of conferences and universities about the important role that America’s diaspora communities play in advancing […]



United Macedonian Diaspora – A Reflection of the Past Decade

During the fall of 2003, a group of college students and young professionals of Macedonian professionals gathered at a Starbucks near American University’s Tenleytown Campus to discuss a way to provide a voice for Macedonians in our nation’s capital. In October 2004, we would launch what would become the United Macedonian Diaspora, also known as UMD. Ten years later, October 2014, UMD is now the leading Macedonian organization promoting Macedonia and Macedonian causes globally.

IdEA Launches Diasporta to Build Sport Infrastructure & Communities within Developing World

As a bridge for diaspora engagement, Diasporta will promote the role of sports in sustainable community development, particularly to support recovery, reconstruction, and resilience efforts.