Beyond Ebola: Building Healthcare Infrastructure in West Africa

According to Heritage Africa, the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa is one of the worst in history. Nearly 4000 people have been infected with about 50% mortality rate on average. In some communities, the death toll is nearly 90%. The countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are the worst hit so far. On October 15, in conjunction with Global Diaspora Week 2014, Heritage Africa used the Ebola scourge as framework for a public health awareness campaign and coupled it with volunteer recruitment and discussions on healthcare needs and opportunities in West Africa.

At Florida Atlantic University, the Heritage Africa presented the efforts of its partner Diaspora group, African Christian Fellowship, which culminated in the construction of a Clinic in rural Sierra Leone this year. The building is totally empty, needing to be equipped with doctors’ and nurses’ desks, patient exam tables, stethoscopes, blood pressure sphygs, rapid diagnostics and more. Partnering with participants at this forum and all like-minded people, Heritage Africa Inc. used this event to attract donors and sponsors to support and complete the project in Sierra Leone.

Attendees learned about this deadly virus, how is it spread and how to stop it. After a networking cocktail, a panel of multidisciplinary experts facilitated discussions on America’s stake in the outbreak; medical missions to Sierra Leone; and what Heritage Africa and its partners are doing in Sierra Leone to build healthcare infrastructure and how the audience can get involved. There was ample time for questions and answers that lead to great discussions, as well as networking time. The event also featured the campaign to install anti-viral sanitizers in major airports and public places like motor parks, and market places as a means of halting the spread of Ebola in Nigeria – the 7th most populous nation on earth. To help #STOPTHEVIRUS and improve healthcare in Sierra Leone visit

Heritage Africa invites you to partner with their network of accomplished professionals in the healthcare disciplines to find a lasting solution to these sorts of assault on the entire human race. Contact Heritage Africa at for more information.

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