9 For Magic Romania

9 for Magic Romania Contemporary started a new art exhibition on October 15th during Global Diaspora Week 2015. It was perfect timing because Arthis presented nine major contemporary Romanian talents through October 30th. All were welcome to view the art if they were in the beautiful city of Brussels, known by many as the capital of Europe.

We were also able to arrange for Romanian wine tasting, to offer the chance to the wine lovers to familiarize themselves with the high-quality wines from Romania. In addition to famous wines produced by Vinarte, we also have older Romanian wines, produced in a vineyard with a millenarian existence (in Dragasani) by Casa Isarescu.

The exhibition itself wouldn’t be possible without help from our key sponsors: Arthis, Top Business, ArthisArtists, VINARTE, Casa Isarescu. And the continued support of: VGC, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Co.Co.F., Stedenfonds, Atlassib. If you missed the exhibit, view some of the beautiful submissions below.

Nazen Peligrad Constantin Tofan Anton Ratiu Vasile Pop Negresteanu

Cristian Badescu Adriana Badescu Luiza Cala

Gavril  Mihail