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How DiasporaEngager is Helping Governments and Organizations to Sustainably Engage with Diasporas

On October 14, 2014 during Global Diaspora Week, DiasporaEngager hosted a webinar to share some lessons learned and best practices that can help the global diaspora to succeed abroad and to participate in the development of their countries of heritage. This training session showcased some of the techniques DiasporaEngager is using to engage with the global diaspora.The audience had […]

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Diaspora Engagement with American Friendship Club

During Global Diaspora Week 2014, Office of the State Minister of Georgia for Diaspora Issues held a volunteerism activity together with American Friendship Club (AFC) and a number of diaspora members who had recently returned from the United States. Diaspora members shared stories of livelihood abroad and talked about the challenges and prospects of enhancing diaspora […]

Diaspora Painting Exhibition

In partnership with the Art Gallery of Georgia, the Office of the State Minister of Georgia for Diaspora Issues hosted a Georgian Diaspora Painting Exhibition on October 15, 2014 during Global Diaspora Week. Many of Georgian diaspora members are distinguished artists and painters, living all over the world. Bringing together the great masterpieces of their famous […]

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