Daily Archives: 2 December, 2014

Team Jamaica Bickle 5K Run/Walk For Health

Team Jamaica Bickle Inc. (TJB) is the leading organization in sports providing support services for Caribbean athletes who compete at the annual Penn Relays Carnival, held at the University of Pennsylvania. The Team Jamaica Bickle 5K Run/Walk For Health showcased local talent in the Caribbean Diaspora of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, as well […]



Revamping Tourism in Kenya

  Kenya Diaspora Development Collaborative and Confederation of Kenya Diaspora Organizations co-hosted a half day teleconference dedicated to revamping tourism in Kenya because of its criticalness to the socio-economic development of Kenya. The cooperation of the Ministry of Tourism- Kenya was also a partner in this Global Diaspora Week event. This event facilitated Diaspora participation […]

Global Diaspora Picnic (October 18)

This second picnic sponsored by DiasporaEngager during Global Diaspora Week 2014 took place in Augusta, Georgia (USA) and brought together the international communities and friends to meet and talk about things that interest them. This was an opportunity to hang out with diasporas and meet new friends while sharing inspirational stories about immigrants. Everyone got a chance to share […]

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