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Diaspora Photography Exhibition

On October 16th, 2014 at the Office of the State Minister of Georgia for Diaspora Issues, in Tbilisi, Georgia, in partnership with the Georgian Art Gallery, the Office of the State Minister of Georgia for Diaspora Issues hosted the first ever Georgian diaspora photography exhibit during Global Diaspora Week. The exhibit showed the community the artistic contributions of Georgian diaspora to societies and economies around […]


Dispora Engager

International Diaspora Picnic (Oct 12)

As one of the diverse events sponsored by DiasporaEngager during Global Diaspora Week 2014, the International Diaspora Picnic took place on Sunday, October 12th in Augusta, Georgia from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and brought together the international community and their friends to meet and talk about things that interest them respecting with respect to diaspora engagement. Some inspirational […]

Diaspora Leader Exchange

As part of Global Diaspora Week 2014, the Diaspora Leader Exchange consisted of a visit of Salvadoran, Honduran, Guatemalan, Haitian, Bolivian, Mexican and Peruvian leaders from the US (primarily DC area) to El Salvador, to learn about diaspora investment in economic initiatives in home communities. Participants exchanged best practices on partnering with organizations in communities […]

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